Each and every day your customers are getting younger. If they haven’t
already, the combination of Millennials and Generation Z customers will
supersede Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. By 2025, Generation Z will make up 27%
of the entire workforce (United Way, 2022). Does your marketing plan target
these younger generations through the right mediums? If the answer is yes, does
your marketing messaging communicate what is attractive to them? Though sales
messaging and discounts can pique their interest, the real “tie breaker” towards
where they’ll spend their money is in your Community Involvement and
Corporate Social Responsibility. Your impact on society, and the environment, is
just as important as your products and services.

These younger generations are about experience over stuff. They are
choosing brands based on how similar the brand matches their lifestyle and social
consciousness (Retail Dive, 2020). Your business may be participating in multiple
charities and/or be participating in a paper recycling program. These types of
“social conscious” initiatives are what can set you apart from the competition.
Most importantly, you are participating in these community involvement
activities for the sake of altruism, but why not share your altruistic efforts with
your customers. What you have in common, with your customers, can translate to
business growth. It is not longer time to keep your “good deeds” a secret. Share
with your connections on social media, send a press release, or build out a
“community partners” page on your website. Your business’ community
involvement is paramount to your business growth. I bet your competition is
talking about it, so why shouldn’t you?