Why is brand awareness important? Brand awareness is the first step in
establishing customer experience. Your brand should foster trust and ultimately
build equity. Now a brand is more than just a look and feel, it’s who you are and
what you stand for. By establishing your brand, you’re connecting to the
“emotional” component of your customers’ buying decisions. Yes, rationally
customers may gravitate to the best price, the highest quality, or the best value,
but ultimately they want the personalization of how a brand makes them feel.
This should be conveyed in your marketing efforts and reinforced on your
website, on the phone, and in your store.

Now where does brand awareness stand, in priority, in your marketing
efforts? Though brand awareness strategies are higher funnel in nature, they are
an essential part of your marketing. Yes, database first party data direct response
marketing and low funnel digital efforts should be the foundation of your overall
marketing, but these strategies are more retention based. Mediums such as OTT,
Traditional radio, TV and cable have their place in your marketing mix. If you wish
to acquire new customers, grow your market share, and ultimately grow your
revenue, it’s important to embrace the importance of brand awareness

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