How important is your first party Google Analytics data to your business?
Google Analytics will soon be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (known as GA4).
Google has stated that GA4 will use advanced machine learning and insights to
improve marketing decisions and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Changing consumer
behavior, changes to privacy standards, and a desire to elevate analytics were the
reason for the update in platforms.

The cut-off to create your Google Analytics 4 property is July 1, 2023. To
secure a full year’s data, within GA4, it’s imperative that you immediately create
your GA4 property. This will ensure you have year over year comparison data
without having to alternate between two different dashboards. The historical
data, in the original Google Analytics, will also disappear six months after the July
1, 2023 cutoff.

The Ram Group will facilitate your entire transition from Google Analytics
to Google Analytics 4 at no charge. We will also link your other Google platforms
directly to GA4 such as Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio. With
accurate data comes accurate marketing decisions. Don’t let this transition drag
on as it can negatively impact your business in the long run.

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