Superior Account Service

Just as a dealership divides departments through department heads and teams to ensure accountability, we do the same. Our dedicated teams handle isolated services such as Compliance, Coop, Facebook, SEM, SEO, Data, Production, Media, etc. individually. We are firm believers that if you are not an expert in something, then you are an expert in nothing. Diversifying our resources has allowed us to bring our clients team members that are highly experienced in their specific areas.

Being first to market makes a large difference in consumers and overall returns, for this reason, we guarantee quick, efficient, and accurate turn arounds. Take all of the middlemen vendors out of your current process and communicate with one key account manager that will coordinate all aspects of your media.

Communication You Can Count On

Communication flow is of utmost priority. We remove the confusion of cc’ing a million different emails by supplying you with one account manager. The account manager is your only point-of-contact and they will handle the relaying and delegating of all resources.

Strategy Driven by Data & Science

We don’t do or recommend anything without the data to support it. While marketing is a creative process, the numbers do not lie and we have history of performance. All historical data is reviewed prior to making suggestions and data is monitored moving forward through modeling techniques, data visualization, and predictive analysis.

Engaging Branding Efforts

Your brand is the way a consumer experiences and remembers the brand. The RAM Group specializes in custom jingles, logos, usps, and all other forms of creatives that will set your dealership apart from the competition.

Consultation & Strategy Services

It is not in our nature to set it and forget it. While other agencies, may consider the work done once it is produced, we believe the work is never done. Our monthly in-depth analysis of your all your current marketing efforts helps us to determine if KPI’s are being met.

Generating profit and ROI is why you are engaging in marketing, it is our job to strategize, make suggestions, and pivot, based on analyzing the data collected.

One-To-One Marketing

Spend your marketing dollars on qualified leads. We have an exclusive SC-CR code that is placed on your website. The code gives us names, addresses, current vehicles, and soft pulls of credit. We look at this data and segment it based on a set of criteria. If that criteria is met, we can send very targeted mailers. This minimizes wanted marketing dollars by bypassing a portion of the vetting process.