Getting In Front of Your Audience

With media planning and placement, it is all about finding where your ideal audience is and meeting them there. After ironing out branding and messaging, we help to identify the channels that will maximize reach to your specific target audience.

Whether this be through magazine, newspaper, internet and radio, etc. our team is able to achieve the lowest possible rates in the market.

Awareness of Market

Through connections in the community coupled with technology, the RAM Group is able to stay on top of the market in ways that separates us from other agencies. We make sure that we are aware of changes in the regional landscape and stay up to date with all new programming that gives us an upper edge.

Staying educated on new opportunities and presenting them to clients is what presents our dealerships with the highest opportunity for growth.

Consultant Dedicated to You

You will be working with a dedicated account manager that will handle everything. You will no longer need to deal with media reps, different companies, and piles of invoices. Instead, our team brings you the recommendations, curates the content and pushes the content out to the appropriate platforms.

You can sit back, wait for reporting and know that all of your media placement is getting in front of the right eyes and generating results for your brand.

Follow Through and Verification

Having a team on your side means that we are doing the dirty work of follow through and verification. Our team scours all publications we engage with to make sure that all placement is verified and correct.