Transparent Reporting on Marketing Efforts

At The RAM Group, we believe in the power of transparency. We like to understand what was done right and generated returns, but we also like to know what went wrong.

Our specialists don’t shy away from the hard conversations because the numbers don’t lie. If there are any issues on a campaign, our dashboard allows you total access to that so we can discuss what we will be doing differently moving forward.

An Interactive Dashboard

We understand that sometimes data is needed right away. Whether that be for end of month reports at your dealership, or simply to stay abreast with the status of all campaigns, seeing the data visualized in an easy to consume manner is important.

Our real-time reporting tool gives you instant access and visibility into all running campaigns. Our tool pulls in data from Google, Facebook, YouTube, OTT, Pre-Roll and more with total transparency. Noting is hidden and the numbers are in black and white for the team to analyze.

Communication Portal

Part of why our customers enjoy our portal is because it is also used as a communication tool. The team is able to leave notes on campaigns ranging from high-level thoughts to miniscule comments explaining the numbers. This means that you don’t need to wait for monthly meetings to see where your marketing efforts stand.

Instead, you can log in, see that data for yourself, and read through any comments that your team has in real-time - a total game changer.