How much time, money, and resources are wasted because of website dysconnectivity? Your advertising is typically your second biggest expense (though we prefer to refer to it as an investment) behind your payroll. If customers engage with your marketing efforts and cannot get the information that is expected, they may become discouraged and bounce prematurely from your site. Disconnected links equal a disconnected customer experience.

Data Science allows your company to gather data from multiple sources to generate insights. Your data is the fuel that powers marketing decisions. Your website connectivity is the fuel that powers your customer experience. If your marketing is generating phone traffic and the phone calls aren’t going to the correct end user, then that opportunity may end up being wasted. If your website leads are currently going to an email address of someone who no longer works for you, that is a wasted opportunity as well. It’s important to do a monthly audit of your ”piping” to ensure all invested marketing dollars have the opportunity to generate their best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) which ultimately means leads.

At The Ram Group, our core competency is perfecting your “plumbing”. Before we recommend investing any incremental marketing dollars, we ensure all phone calls are properly routed and all web links are properly connected. With this connectivity, it makes our marketing tracking and measurement more effective, it means you’ll get your leads, and most importantly it means your customers have the best user experience.