We Are RAM

The right people with the right skills are the key to success

Our Team

George Ford


After 20 years in the automotive industry and a climb from Porter to Platform President, George Ford decided to leave the showroom and put his creativity to work. George applies his practical knowledge of the car business to every campaign crafted for his clients, seeing to it that every call to action yields tangible results.

Since leaving the auto industry and entering the automotive advertising arena in 2000, George has used his over the top style and aggressive campaigns to catapult nationally recognized clients up the ranks in their respected fields. His shared success with his clients and performance based pricing has given his agency a reputation of superior service and unparalleled accountability.

Under his direction, The RAM Group has circumnavigated an unpredictable economy and continues to provide their clients with successful, innovative solutions each and every day.

Kent Baughman


Bringing over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kent Baughman oversees the day-to-day operations and creative direction of The RAM Group. With an advertising degree from Florida State University, Kent has acquired much of his knowledge of the automotive advertising industry through working in the field. Acting as the Sales Manager for the West Coast Division of LoJack, Kent experienced the daily activities of car dealerships. Additionally, he sold radio advertising, as well as published a magazine, rounding out his extensive knowledge of all forms of media.

Kent joined The RAM Group in 2008 and brings his outside of the box thinking and high-energy approach to every client interaction. Lending his expert insight on all matters pertaining to Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Creative Development, and Implementation, Kent ensures that each campaign is expressly geared towards delivering exceptional results. His proven track record of success in the automotive advertising industry has taken The RAM Group to a new level in 2011.

Mark Krieger

Vice President of Sales

Mark has been in the Media and Marketing arenas for more than 30 years, bringing a wealth of Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Operations experience.

After 20 years in the radio industry, Mark expanded his accomplishments by joining the South and Vista Motors Automotive Group. This allowed him to not only deal with the day-to-day functions of Media Planning and Placement, but also the management of all automotive lead providers.

A self-proclaimed “data dork,” Mark prides himself on looking at all research available before making media and marketing decisions. He believes that, with the help of “Big Data,” anything can be evaluated without a typical, “I feel this is the best,” approach.

Mark joined the RAM Group as Vice President in 2016 and is now heavily involved in the agency's growth platform, overseeing both Media and Strategic planning.

Walter Balan

Director of Latin Affairs

As the Director of Latin Affairs, Walter's expertise and experience has been invaluable to The RAM Group. Previously, Walter spearheaded international campaigns for clients such as Gillette and Nabisco, as well as national Tier II campaigns for Nissan and Mitsubishi Hispanic markets. Walter acts as a liaison between our Hispanic clients and Creative Team; he also builds automotive advertising strategies specifically tailored to a Hispanic demographic.